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Chatsworth Country Fair 2016

What an enjoyable weekend at Chatsworth Country Fair. Tony was running FTW Lettergreen Rover (Pele) in The Three Ridings Gundog Club team at the 2 day event, held at the iconic Chatsworth Estate in Derbyshire. His team members were Russell Hodgen and Glynn Sykes.

Tony O'Hare, Glynn Sykes and Russell Hodgen

The competition consisted of 6 challenging retrieves; 4 on the first day and 2 on the second day. These included both marked and blind retrieves, with and without shots and also involved the dogs crossing a river, with team members having to handle their dogs from a great distance. The large crowds of people, noise from the audience and background noise from other events at the country fair all added to the challenge for the team, who controlled their dogs very well.

Pele crossing the river

Pele crossing the river

The picture above shows Pele crossing the river for a retrieve. Unfortunately, the team didn't make the run off on the second day but Tony was extremely happy with Pele's first performance at such an event, scoring 105/120.

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