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Training at Gundog Gear

The shooting and trialling season may be over, but training doesn't stop! Here are some photos of a great training session Tony had on Monday with Mark Demaine and Gary McCarthy at Gary's bespoke 8-acre training ground in the Wirral.

If you have an interest in gundogs, you will almost certainly have heard of Gundog Gear, specialists in gundog training equipment. Owned by Gary and Emma McCarthy, their training ground has been designed to incorporate every single scenario gundogs and their handlers may face in working tests and trials.

The training ground has been designed to present handler and dog with as many real-life scenarios as possible, recreating the conditions and terrain that you will find picking up, beating, shooting and most importantly, in working tests and field trials. Every time Gary & Emma find something new when out and about, they find a way to work it into the training ground – resulting in endless challenges and possibilities.

For further information, please visit their websites and

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