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4th Place for Tony & OFTW Burrendale Ace...

We are delighted to report that Tony took 4th place with OFTW Burrendale Ace (Murphy) at the North of Scotland Gundog Association's 2 day Open Stake held at the Candacraig Estate on Wednesday 10th & Thursday 11th October 2018.

Full Trial Results:

1st - Wayne Mitchell - Turpingreen Barrere of Labdom

2nd - Lady C Carter - Brocklebank Bronze (Handler - J Halsted)

3rd - Jayne Coley - Fladonhall Hermes of Waterford

4th - Tony O'Hare - Burrendale Ace


Kevin Butler - Turpingreen Bohol A Faulds - Tomtain Alchemy L Latham - Nettle Brae Andy of Fendawood (Handler - Dave Latham)

Other Awards:

Best dog or bitch in the stake - A Faulds - Tomtain Alchemy Best Bitch

Best retriever handler by lady resident in Scotland - A Faulds - Tomtain Alchemy

Guns Choice Day 2 - Jayne Coley - Flagonall Hermes of Waterford

Best Marker - Dave Latham - Nettle Brae Andy of Fendawood

Best dog on a runner - J Halsted - Brocklebank Bronze

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